Blue Streaks News · Stadium Bleacher FAQ

Some answers to some common questions:

Why are we getting new bleachers?

We are not. We have all the original seat backs and aluminum set aside to be re-used. We are replacing the support beams that had started to move off of their footers and increasing the number of footers and supports to meet current code.

Why did you do it in the middle of track season?

Not the original plan. The scope and timeline of the project meant that we needed to be flexible in order to get completed over the summer. The company had an opening in April and we adapted.

Are you adding padded seats and handrails?

Handrails, Yes. Padded seats, No. Our faithful fans still need their seat cushions.

What if they aren’t done by football season?

They will be done…..or I may be done.

Did you have to do it?

Yes. Bleachers are inspected often and the time had come to make sure they were safe and secure for generations of Blue Streaks fans to come.