Lake Athletics Branding


The official nickname for Lake athletic teams is “Blue Streaks”, “Streaks”, or “Lady Streaks”

Uniform and Gameday Apparel

All team uniforms must be pre-approved for purchase by the athletic department and administration. Uniforms should be of official school colors only. Non-school color uniforms can only be approved by the superintendent.

Additionally, all team gear that will be worn before, during, or after athletic events must follow the same color expectations.

Main Color-Royal Blue: HEX #0911eb, RGB (9, 17, 235)

Main Color-White: HEX #ffffff, RGB (255, 255, 255)

Accent Color-Red: HEX #fd1b25, RGB (235, 27, 37)



Non-Gameday Apparel

Teams may be granted permission by the athletic department to buy or sell apparel that is not conforming to the gameday standards.

Examples are grey, black, or red shirts/hoodies/etc.

Team members may not wear any of these items at team events.


This is the main athletics logo:

It is also permissible to add a team name:


Other logos of note:


This is the current Federal League logo:

Permission to use logos from outside groups should be requested through Athletic Director, Joe Bogdan at 330-877-4288 or

Please note: Do not use non-approved versions of any district logo, alter any portion of the brand elements, or use the logo or elements in non-approved colors.