Coaching Certifications

For information and expiration dates of your current certificates, please log in to your FinalForms account.

In order for us to sign off on any new or renewed Pupil Activity Permit (PAP), the following must be on file:


Valid FBI/BCI checks. For new coaches, you will need to make an appointment at the county office. Here is the link: Finger Print Appointments 


Fundamentals of Coaching. This is a one-time class. If you have not previously taken it, it is available through the National Federation of High Schools at NFHSlearn 


Valid CPR certificate. There are many programs. CPRToday is quick and easy. 


A Concussion safety course. This course is free at NFHSlearn 


An approved course on sports medicine. Again, there are several different providers. “First Aid, Health and Safety” is available at NFHSlearn 


Sudden Cardiac Arrest awareness training. This will be completed each year when you complete your FinalForms. 

Applying for your Pupil Activity Permit. You can apply for your PAP through your OH|ID account at the Ohio Department of Education. If you have never had an Ohio certifications before, you will need your drivers license to create your account. Here is the link to ODE. When you are searching for superintendent’s signature use our IRN #049866 to ensure your application is routed to Lake Local Schools for approval.

Payroll Paperwork. If you are a paid coach, you will have to complete all of your payroll and other employment paperwork online through TalentEd. We will let you know when your account is live and you can log in at TalentEdRecords.