Turf Schedule and MPR

Summer 2020

Stadium, Weight Room, and MPR Schedules

During the summer of 2020, the stadium and all indoor spaces are closed to the public. Teams may only use them as scheduled. If you see times that are open, THAT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE PERMISSION TO USE THE FACILITY. Your group must be on the list. While open times may be available for use, they may also be times that maintenance and routine cleaning are occurring. If you need to schedule time in the facilities, please contact Athletic Director Joe Bogdan at 330-877-4288.

All coaches who will be supervising or attending workouts during the summer of 2020 are required to review the content in this form and complete the requested information: 2020 Summer Coaching Form

Mandatory Attendance Sheet: OHSAACOVIDMONITORING

OHSAA Recommendations: OHSAAGuidance2020

Lake Local Schools Protocols: Summer 2020 Sports Teams

Weight Room

Multi-Purpose Room


Wrestling Room

Auxiliary Gym

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