Sports Medicine and Injury Rehab

Lake Sports Medicine and Injury Rehab

Lake High School contracts with Mercy Medical Center to provide training services for all of our high school athletes (9-12) and to have game coverage for high school events as well as middle school football and other tournament events held at Lake. Our coaches work with our trainer on injury treatment and rehab, and the training staff provides injury diagnosis and referal to the Mercy Medical Center Sports Medicine team.

2020-2021 Trainer: Erica Allen, ATC, AT 

Team Doctor: Mark J. Hudak. M.D.

Training Room Hours:

Erica or another Mercy Medical trainer is on site each school day at 2:30. Fall and Spring, they are available at the complex training room, in the winter they are in the main gym training room. The time that the room closes up depends on the practice or games schedules for that day. Trainers are also available some Saturdays depending on game schedules. During Christmas and Spring breaks, days and hours are determined by practice and game schedules. Parents/Students wanting to see the trainer are encouraged to email ahead to know exactly the best time to meet at the training room.

Injury Rehabilitation Services:

Mercy Health Center of Lake is also the home for Sports Medicine and Therapy. Athletes needing injury rehabilitation and therapy can conveniently have those services coordinated there alleviating extra travel and missed school time. After a student athlete has seen their doctor and has a prescription for therapy, the student or parent can come directly to our office and set up an appointment or they can call 330-877-5000 option #2. Mercy Medical Center of Lake gives all students and faculty of Lake priority scheduling and will make accommodations for them to best fit their schedule.

Covid-19 Policies and Procedures:

The health and safety of the student-athletes and athletic department staff members at Lake middle/high school is a top priority of the athletic training staff, so the following policies and procedures will be implemented to minimize the risk of exposure to pathogens. These policies and procedures will be based on current recommendations made by OHSAA, Center of Disease Control, National Institute of Health, Ohio Department of Health, Stark County Health Department and other recognized experts in the field of epidemiology and public health. These policies and procedures will be reviewed and changed when appropriate based on the current scientific and medical research.

Cleaning and Hygiene

The Athletic Training Room (ATR) will be cleaned and disinfected before any student-athletes is allowed to enter the facility.  This will include sweeping and mopping the floors, using a disinfecting wipe or spray on all surfaces and rehabilitation equipment.  During this maintenance phase any equipment that is deemed unable to be clean will be replaced or removed from use.

All aquatic rehabilitation equipment use will be discontinued due to the risk of disease transmission.  This will include the use of ice buckets. The use of hydrocollator hot packs will be discontinued due to the risk of inadequate sanitation of terry cloth covers.

All student-athletes must be showered and wear clothing that at a minimum consists of a tee shirt and shorts that have not been cut or altered in any manner and covers the torso, axillary and mid-thigh.  The student-athlete will be asked to wear a mask that will cover their nose and mouth and wash their hands and use a sanitizer upon admission to the ATR.  The only time this procedure will be altered is if a student-athlete suffers an acute injury while competing in practice or game and needs immediate care.

Members of the athletic training staff will wash their hands and use hand sanitizer between care of each student-athlete.  They will also wear a facemask that covers their nose and mouth when providing care.

Care of Student-Athletes

There will be no congregating in the athletic training room.  The only person that will be allowed to accompany a student-athlete will be a parent or guardian or coach if deemed appropriate.  To maintain social distancing, occupancy of the ATR will be limited to 5 student-athletes at a given time.

Prior to admittance the student-athlete will have submit to having their temperature taken.  If they have a temperature 100.4  ͦF or greater, they will be denied admittance.   If they display any other symptoms they will be referred to the appropriate healthcare professional.

All equipment that cannot be properly disinfected will be designated for that student-athlete.  This includes electrodes, therabands, or bracing.  This equipment will be placed in a sealable bag and labeled to identify the student-athlete and will be stored in an appropriate manner.

Sports Medicine Staff

All members of the sports medicine staff are required to take their temperatures at home, two hours prior to the start of their scheduled work time.  If they have a temperature of 100.4  ͦF or greater, they will report to the Athletic Director prior to arriving on campus.   At this time the decision will be made if the staff member needs to self-quarantine or report to an appropriate healthcare official for further evaluation.