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The social distancing we are now experiencing is a new and anxious time for everyone. Not only are we not practicing with our coaches and teammates, we now have gyms and other facilities closed to our use for an extended period of time. We will eventually get to the other side of all this, but in the mean time, we hope that all of our athletes find ways to maintain strength and conditioning until we can get back to our old training programs. Here are some resources you can use to help you focus your workout time and hold yourself accountable.

  1. REMEMBER: Something > Nothing. Whatever you can do now will show up when we are all back together.
  2. Schedule time each day for physical activity. It is easy to say I will do it later. Think of it like practice or after school workouts. Set a time and stick to it.
  3. A little every day is better than a lot all at once. Challenge yourself, but don’t overdo it.
  4. Switch up what you do each day. Keep from getting bored and you will workout better.
  5. Get guidance. We are not permitted to practice in groups, but if you have questions about what you should be doing now, reach out to your coach. They are permitted and encouraged to maintain those relationships with their athletes.


Strength Training: There are no sports where you don’t gain an advantage by being stronger. It is important for all of our athletes in and out of season. Even without reliable access to weightroom equipment, there are plenty of ways to build and maintain strength using just your body weight.


DAREBEE: Great site with over 1300 different workouts. Minimal equipment or space needed for most of them. Filter by type of workout you are looking for.

YouTube: There are many good workouts that do not require any equipment to complete. Here is one example:




Speed and Agility: Take advantage of any good weather and get outside and work on your agility and speed training. If the weather is poor, many drills can be completed in a garage or basement. Again there are a lot of great resources available. Push yourself each day.




Sport Specific Workouts: If your coach has a specific resource for you, it is listed here.


Cross Country/Distance Running Guide